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ISO9001 Certification

The ISO9001 standard is the scientific summary of the practical experience of quality management in many economically developed countries in the world, which is universal and instructive. The implementation of the ISO9001 standard can promote the improvement and perfection of the organization's quality management system and play a good role in promoting international economic and trade activities, eliminating technical barriers to trade and improving the management level of the organization. To sum up, there are mainly the following aspects of the role and significance:

First, the implementation of ISO9001 standards will help improve product quality, protect the interests of consumers and improve the credibility of the product

According to ISO9001 standards to establish quality management system, through the effective application of the system to promote continuous improvement of products and processes, to achieve stable and improve product quality is undoubtedly one of the most effective protection of consumer interests, but also increase the consumer The degree of trustworthiness of purchasing qualified suppliers.

Second, improve business management capabilities

The ISO 9001 standard encourages companies to adopt a process approach when designing and implementing a quality management system that identifies and manages a wide range of interrelated activities, as well as systematic management and continuous monitoring and control of those activities to achieve products that are acceptable to customers. In addition, the quality management system provides a framework for continuous improvement that increases the level of satisfaction of customers (consumers) and other stakeholders. Therefore, the ISO9001 standard provides an effective method for effectively improving the management ability of enterprises and enhancing the market competitiveness.

Third, effective in continuous improvement of enterprises and continue to meet customer needs and expectations

Customer needs and expectations are constantly evolving, prompting businesses to continually improve their products and processes. The quality management system requirements precisely for enterprises to improve their products and processes provide an effective way.

Fourth, it is conducive to promoting international trade and eliminating technical barriers

In the international economic and technological cooperation, the ISO9001 standard is used as a mutual recognition of technical basis, ISO9001 quality management system certification system is also recognized in the international context, and into the conformity assessment procedures. The World Trade Organization / Technical Barrier Agreement (WTO / TBT) is one of a series of agreements reached by the WTO concerning technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures. The implementation of the ISO9001 standard has provided a common international language and standard for international economic and technological cooperation. Having obtained the certification of a quality management system has become a powerful weapon for participating in domestic and international trade and enhancing its competitiveness. Therefore, implementing the ISO9001 standard has played a very positive role in eliminating technical barriers and excluding trade barriers.

ISO9001 certification submitted application materials

After three months of operation of the enterprise system (six months in special industries), certification applications can be submitted to the certification body. The application materials include:

1, ISO9001 certification application

2, quality management system manuals, program files

3, corporate profile, organizational chart, product flow chart, corporate functions allocation table

 4, a valid business license

 5, If the product involves the relevant administrative permission, it shall provide valid relevant proof (such as: qualification certificate, industrial production permit, sanitation permit, QS certificate, CCC certificate, etc.)

6, If the enterprise product involves more on-site production or installation, should provide more on-site list

Certification review process:

1, enter the certification review process

2, the formation of audit team

3, the quality system document review

4, on-site review

5, failed to correct verification

6, approval, registration, certification

7, registration of the announcement and announcement

8, after the certification of supervision and management

Enterprise to promote the benefits of ISO9001 for the enterprise:

(1) Improve the quality of product process and service and gain international recognition and trust from customers.

(2) Enhance credibility, increase competitiveness, expand business visibility and market share.

(3) Personal technology, experience is transformed into company technology and saved through documentation.

(4) Strengthen the management system of the Company through rationalization so as to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

(5) respect for humanity management.

(6) Move the company toward Total Quality Management (TQM).

(7) Improve the internal management of enterprises, work-oriented.

(8) clear the responsibilities of various departments / positions, a clear division of labor.

(9) Strengthen process control, improve product quality and service quality, and show corporate culture.

Enterprise to promote ISO9001 for employee management benefits:

(1) work with honor.

(2) produce a uniform quality and service.

(3) Respected.

(4) to enable individuals and companies to grow together.

(5) The employees' sense of quality and service awareness are improved.

(6) more smooth communication between employees