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Sunglasses FDA Drop Ball Test Certification

Sunglasses FDA Drop ball test certification

Sunglasses FDA Registration

FDA Registration

Sunglasses FDA Drop Ball Test, impact test, drop test ...

When the lens is exported to the United States, it is required to pass the bead test according to the standard 21 CFR801.410. The ball used for the drop impact test proves that the lot exported to the United States meets the impact resistance standard and pass the test. When exporting to the United States, care should be taken that at customs clearance in the United States, not only the full FDA manufacturer and product registration number but also the following qualifying documents for the quality inspection of the factory lot (many U.S. Customs have applied this requirement for many years) :

- Certification Statement of Impact Resistance Manufacturer of Impact Resistant Lenses Declaration of Conformity (that is, manufacturers' declaration of impact resistance / fall ball testing prior to shipment in accordance with FDA regulatory requirements and FDA tested swaps signed by the manufacturer Warwick testing documents provided)

- Impact Resistance Test Report The Impact Resistance Test report (also known as the ball drop test report; ball drop test is the basic test of all the above final lenses of the relevant lenses manufactured to prove that the batch of products exported to the United States meet the impact resistance standards and requirements ; Usually only relevant customs special request only provide the test report, usually by the above statement can be used as proof warwick testing provided).

Today, consumers in the purchase of sunglasses, in addition to considering the style and trends, more and more emphasis on product functionality and safety. In recent years, newspapers and magazines have repeatedly reported the possible harm caused by overexposure to the sun as well as the adverse effects of wearing bad sun glasses, giving consumers more concerned about the quality of sun glasses, such as the UV protection function. Colleagues, many countries around the world also set safety and performance standards for over-the-counter sunglasses eyeglasses, with the European Union setting mandatory EN1836 standards.

For sunglasses testing, is committed to providing one-stop service, allowing you to more easily and quickly ensure product quality.

We use advanced equipment and professional inspectors to establish a complete testing capability to help your products meet the national regulatory standards, including EN1836, ANSI Z80.3, AS / NZS1067, QB2457, etc., so that you win the competition in the international market Advantage.

Huawin ensures that your product meets sunglasses safety, performance and quality standards and works with you to make eye health for your consumer.


Whether it is a cold winter or a hot summer, the sun's harmful ultraviolet light is everywhere. Whether consumers wear sun glasses for sun-shading in the hot sun or for textile glare, they all expect that sunglasses can effectively block ultraviolet rays without damaging their eyes to protect the eyes from harm.


Huawin offers complete sunglasses testing services to help your product meet different national standards as well as Class I protection in the 89/686 / EEC Personal Protective Equipment Directive. Our experienced testing staff provides a wide range of testing services to ensure your products meet worldwide industry standards:

Penetration rate anti-radiation glasses shade and visual area

Optical Degree Refraction Performance Material and Appearance Quality

Scattering basic frame strength to strengthen the frame strength

Flammability Cleaning Applicability UV Penetration and others

Lens color lens impact

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