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Electronic switch EN/IEC60669 AS/NZS60669 Test

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people are more and more inseparable from the electrical appliances, and the application of electrical appliances has already entered the world! With the popularity of electrical appliances, and the application of electronic switches increasingly important! The requirements of all countries in the world of electronic switches are also increasing year by year! Export must do the corresponding mandatory certification of importing countries!

Electronic switch EN/IEC60669 test report how much money?

Electronic switch EN/IEC60669 test report how to handle? What standard?

Electronic switch CE/SAA certification how much money?

Electronic switch EN/IEC60669 AS/NZS60669 test What are the items:


2.Size check

3 anti-shock protection

4.Grounding measures


6.Structural requirements

7.Switch mechanism

8,anti-aging, switch housing provides protection and moisture

9.Insulation resistance and electrical strength

10.Temperature rise

11.On and off capacity

12.Normal operation

13.Mechanical strength


15.Screws, current-carrying parts and their connections

16.Creepage distance, clearance and through insulation distance

17.Heat, flame and tracking resistance

18 rust

Electronic switch IEC/AS60669 standard report process:

1.Application Form

2.provide product information

3.Send samples (2-4PCS,)

4.Test OK

5.Out of the certificate/report

Cost: According to the actual situation of the product evaluation

IEC switch switch test/CE certification reporting cycle: 12-15 working days

Electronic switch SAA certification cycle: 4-5 cycles

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