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ASTM-D3475 standard test

There are clear requirements for exporting US anti-child open packaging tests.

The main test has the first part of the ASTM-D3475 standard test.

The second part is the CPSC test. The two tests can be done in one of the tests according to the customer's requirements for the product, or they can be tested together with the CPSC in ASTM-D3475. Regardless

Which kind of test you need, we can help you with the test service and issue a test report.

Part I: ASTM-D3475 Product Packaging Standard Anti-Child Unpacking Test 70 years, the US Congress passed the Dangerous Goods Packaging Act, authorizing the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to regulate the safety standards for product packaging. Ben

The second test is: the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's new standard product packaging safety standard "ASTM-D3475-15 Standard Classification of Child Safety Packaging"

Test, issue a test report.

ASTM-D3475 test items: 1. The children are free to open in the first five minutes, and the number of open and unopened is counted;

2. The adult opens in front of the child and then counts the number of children who are free to open and unopened within 10 minutes.

Part II: CPSC Child-proof Open Packaging Test The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tests the requirements for packaging bags, squeeze bottles, child-proof safety covers, and products that prevent children from opening the package.


Test requirements object:

First: ask for 200 children's age distribution

30% of each group of 60% between 42-44 months;

    40% of each group of 80 people aged between 45-48 months;

    Each group of 30% is 60 people between the ages of 49-51 months.

Child age algorithm: less than 15 days, less than one month, 15 days and above, one month.

Note: The ratio of boys to girls in each age group does not exceed 10%.

Second: requires 200 adult age distribution

30% of each group of 25 people between the ages of 50 and 54;

40% of each group of 25 people between the ages of 55 and 59;

30% of each group of 50% between 60 and 70;

   Male to female ratio of 17-18 women between the ages of 50-54.

Fill in the application form, provide product information for the application, and evaluate

Prepare samples for testing

After the test is completed, evaluate the test data

After the test data is passed, it is reviewed together with the relevant application. After no problem, the certificate is issued.

Application materials required for certification:

Application form

Certified product information (including product pictures, product drawings, volume, etc.)

At least 400 test samples are guaranteed

Product testing certification:

Product testing certification (EU CE, US FCC, US FDA, Japan PSE, Nigeria PCSC, Kenya: PVOC, Saudi Arabia: SASO),

Food grade (EU food grade US FDA Germany LFGB), environmental directive: RoHS, chemical test: Reach, US children's open packaging test (ASTM-D3475, CFR 1700.20, US CPSC), mites test, sterilization test, Canadian TSSA registration , EU authorized representatives and free sales certificates and other certification services, welcome to consult!

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