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        REACH is an abbreviation of the Regulation, the Regulation of the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, a chemical established by the EU and implemented since June 1, 2007 Regulatory system. This is a proposed regulation concerning the manufacture, trade and use of chemicals. The legislation aims to protect human health and the environment, to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry, and to develop the innovative ability of non-toxic and harmless compounds to prevent the market from splitting up , Increase the transparency of the use of chemicals, promote non-animal experiments and pursue sustainable social development.

REACH certification significance

Protecting human health and the environment; Maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry; Increasing the transparency of chemical information; Reducing vertebrate tests; Consistent with the EU's international obligations under the WTO framework.

In essence, REACH will promote innovation in the chemical industry by producing safer products, stimulating competition and growth. In contrast to the current complex regulatory system, REACH will create a unified chemical management system within the EU that enables companies to produce new chemicals and their products in line with the same principles.

The main content of REACH is to prove that daily use products contain no harmful chemicals. Therefore, all daily-use products made in the EU or imported into the EU market, mainly referring to textiles, must pass the registration, inspection and approval of the content of harmful chemical substances and can not be sold on the EU market once the prescribed content is exceeded.

REACH regulations

REACH is a regulatory document for the registration, assessment and restriction of chemicals by the EU regulations. It is the REACH test item that the products need to enter the EU market. The regulation was implemented on June 1, 2007.

Since the promulgation and implementation of the REACH testing project, there has been a continuous update of the testing project, and the first dozens of testing projects have been updated to the current REACH 174 items.

REACH test in accordance with the different materials its need to test the project is divided into metal test items and non-metallic test items, metal test items for the REACH 55, but many are now testing 66 metal test, but the EU has not yet promulgated a confirmation Metal REACH 66 testing; for non-metallic materials testing project is January 12, 2017 REACH 174 items.