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PSE certification introduction

 PSE certification is Japan compulsory certification, including safety and EMI, to prove that electrical and electronic products comply with the requirements of the Electrical Appliance Material Safety Law or the International IEC standards. Japan's electrical products safety law provides that 457 kinds of products to enter the Japanese market must pass the safety certification. Among them, 116 kinds of specific electrical products should obtain diamond-shaped PSE logo, 341 kinds of products other than specific electrical products should obtain a round PSE logo.


Certification Product Range:

Electric appliances, electric appliances, appliances, electric appliances, electric appliances, electric appliances, electric appliances, appliances, electric generators, electric wires, wiring devices, current limiters, transformers, ballasts, Electric motors, light sources and light sources Applications Mechanical equipment, batteries, etc.


Among them, there are 116 products that belong to the product range specified in the Safety Law for Certain Electrical Appliances, for example, DC power supply units, switches and sockets, electric water heaters, power cords and plugs, and other household equipment transformers.


It belongs to the range of products other than the specific electrical products safety law, for example: electric blanket, steamer, electric iron, electric oven, microwave oven, hair humidifier, refrigerator, electric stirrer, Pots, hair dryers, electric humidifiers, projectors, washing machines, white light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, table lamps, decorative lights, advertising lights, lithium batteries and all the LED light bulbs and LED lamps 341 products.


Certification information preparation:

Application Submission of Information: Related Application Form

Test preparation information


And safety-related PCB design

Transformer and coil parts specifications

Key components list and certificate

Use manuals or assemble manuals

Japanese nameplate and warning signs (including PSE logo and notification supplier name)

Structure data sheet

List of factory production and calibration certificate (factory inspection)


Certification cycle

Depending on the criteria applied and the certification body, usually 1-2 weeks.