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 When the certification involves only safety, use the "S" certification mark; when the certification involves both safety and electromagnetic compatibility, the use of "S & E" Certification mark.

CCC certification

CCC certification is China's abbreviation for compulsory product certification. The main content can be summed up in the following aspects:

(1) According to the relevant WTO agreements and international rules, the state implements a unified compulsory product certification system for products that involve human health and safety, animal and plant life safety and health, and environmental protection and public safety according to law. The Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China shall be responsible for the unified management of the compulsory product certification system and its implementation.

(B) The main features of the national compulsory product certification system is that the state announced a unified directory, to determine uniform applicable national standards, technical rules and implementation procedures, the development of a unified logo, the provisions of a unified charging standards. All products listed in the compulsory product certification catalog must be certified by the certification body designated by the country, obtain the relevant certificates and apply the certification mark before they can be shipped, imported, sold and used in the service areas.

(C) According to China's WTO commitments and reflect the principle of national treatment, the original two systems covering 138 kinds of products, the announcement of the "directory" deleted the original included in the compulsory certification of medical ultrasound diagnosis and treatment equipment 16 kinds of products, an increase of 10 kinds of products such as construction safety glass, the actual inclusion of "directory" a total of 132 kinds of compulsory certification products.

(D) the national mandatory product certification using a unified symbol. The new national compulsory certification mark name "China Compulsory Certification", the English name for the "China Compulsory Certification", abbreviation can be abbreviated as "3C" logo. After the implementation of China Compulsory Certification Mark, it will replace the original "Great Wall" mark and the "CCIB" mark.

(E) national unity to determine mandatory product certification fees and standards. The formulation of new fees and charges will be based on the principle of non-profit-making and national treatment, taking into account the current fees and charges and referring to the overseas similar-fee-charging items and fees.

(F) The compulsory product certification system implemented on August 1, 2002, the relevant certification bodies officially began to accept the application. The original product safety certification system and import safety and quality licensing system since August 1, 2003 repealed.

CCC certification English

3C certification is actually English abbreviation of "China Compulsory Certification" (China Compulsory Product Certification System) in English abbreviation, but also the national unity of the mandatory product certification mark. As a national certification (CCEE), import safety and quality licensing system (CCIB), China Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (EMC) triple the "CCC" certification authority, the China General Administration of Quality Supervision and CNCA and an international standard Signs, there is an irreplaceable importance. At present, China has released the first batch of products that must pass the compulsory certification, a total of 132 kinds of 19 categories. Including wire and cable, low voltage electrical appliances, information technology equipment, safety glass, fire products, motor vehicle tires, latex products.

The first mandatory certification product catalog

First, wire and cable (a total of 5)

Cable assemblies, rubber sheathed cables for mining applications, wire and cable for railway rolling stock with AC rated voltage 3kV and below, rubber insulated wire and cable with rated voltage 450 / 750V and below, PVC insulated wire and cable with rated voltage 450/750 V and below

Second, the circuit switch and the protection or connection with electrical devices installed (a total of 6)

Couplings (household, industrial and similar appliances), plugs and sockets (household, industrial and similar), thermal fuse, tubular fuse links for small fuses, switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations, Similar uses fixed electrical apparatus electrical accessories shell

Third, low-voltage electrical (a total of 9)

Circuit breakers (including RCCB, RCBO, MCB), fuses, low voltage switches (isolators, disconnectors, fuse combinations), other circuit protection devices [Protector categories: current limiter, circuit protection device, Overcurrent Protector, Thermal Protector, Overload Relays, Low Voltage Electromechanical Contactor, Motor Starters], Relays (36V

Fourth, low-power motors (a total of 1) low-power motors

Five, electric tools (a total of 16 species)

Electric drill and impact wrench, electric grinder, sanding machine, circular saw, electric hammer (including electric picks), non-flammable liquid electric spray gun, electric scissors (including double-edged electric scissors, electric punching ), Tapping machines, reciprocating saws (including jig saws, knife saws), plug-in concrete vibrators, electric chainsaws, planers, electric pruning shears and electric grass shears, bakelite milling and trimming machines, electric stone cutting machines (Including marble cutting machine)

Six, welding machine (a total of 15 kinds)

AC arc welding machine, DC arc welding machine, TIG arc welding machine, MIG / MAG arc welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, plasma arc cutting machine, plasma arc welding machine, arc welding transformers anti-electric shock device, Welding cable coupling, resistance welding machine, welding wire feeder, TIG welding torch, MIG / MAG welding torch, welding clamp

Seven, household and similar equipment (a total of 18)

1. Household refrigerators and food freezers: refrigerators, freezers and food freezers, and their combinations, for household or similar use, with or without freezer storage, up to 500 liters in usable volume 2. Fans: Single-phase AC and DC household and similar fans 3. Air conditioners: Household and similar air conditioners with a cooling capacity not exceeding 21,000 kcal / h. Motor - Compressor: Closed (fully enclosed, semi - closed) motor - compressor 5 for household and similar purposes air conditioning and refrigeration units up to 5000 W input power. Electric washing machine for household use: Electric washing machine for washing clothes with or without water heating device, dehydration device or drying device 6. Electric water heater: a fixed water storage and fast electric water heater that heats water below its boiling point. Indoor heaters: radiant heaters for household and similar use, plate heaters, liquid filled heaters, fan heaters, convection heaters, tubular heaters. Vacuum cleaner: With the function of sucking and removing dry dust or liquid, the vacuum cleaner 9 is composed of a series commutator motor or a direct current motor. Skin and hair care appliances: Appliances for the care of human or animal skin or hair with electric heating elements. Iron: Dry irons and wet (steam) irons for household and similar use 11. Induction Cooktops: Cooktops of household and similar use heated by electromagnetic energy, which may contain one or more electromagnetic heating elements 12. Electric oven: Includes household and similar electric ovens, bread roasters, waffle crackers and similar appliances up to a nominal capacity of 10 liters. Electric Food Processing Appliances: Household Electric Food Processors and Multipurpose Food Processors for Similar Applications. Microwave ovens Household appliances that heat food and beverages by using one or more I.S.M. bands of electromagnetic energy at frequencies above 300 MHz, which can be colored and vaporized15. Cooktops, ovens and similar appliances: Home range, Separate fixed ovens, Stoves, Countertop range, Electric cooktop, Grill and grill, Built-in oven, Grill 16 . Range hood: Installed in the upper part of household cooking utensils and hobs with household appliances such as fans, lights and controls for pumping to remove fume from the kitchen 17. Liquid heater and hot and cold water dispenser 18. Rice cooker: the use of electric heating elements of the automatic insulation or regular rice cooker

Eight, audio and video equipment (not including broadcast audio equipment and car audio equipment) (a total of 16)

Single loudspeakers and multi-speaker active speakers, audio power amplifiers, tuners, radios in various broadcast bands, audio and video recording, playback and processing equipment in all types of carriers, including total output power at 500 W rms Such as CD-ROM tape carrier form), and the combination of the above equipment, audio and video equipment supporting the power adapter, a variety of imaging methods of color television receivers, monitors (excluding car TV receiver), black and white TV receivers and Other monochrome television receivers, video distribution systems for devices and components such as video tubes, video recorders, satellite television receivers, keyboards, antenna amplifiers, sound and television signals

Nine, information technology equipment (a total of 12 species)

Computers, Laptops, Computer-Aided Display Devices, Computer-Connected Print Devices, Multipurpose Printers, Scanners, Computers Power Supplies & Chargers Chargers, Computer Games, Learning Machines, Copiers, Servers, Financials and Computers Trade Settlement Electronic Equipment

Ten, lighting (a total of 2) (not including the voltage below 36V lighting) lamps, ballasts

Eleven, telecommunications terminal equipment (a total of 9)

Modems, facsimile machines, fixed telephone terminals (normal telephone, caller ID telephone, card management telephone, recording telephone, coin phone, smart card telephone, IC card public telephone, speakerphone , Digital telephones, telephone attachments), cordless telephone terminals (analog cordless phones, digital cordless phones), group telephones (PBXs, conference consoles), mobile user terminals (analogue mobile phones, GSM digital cellular mobile (Handsets and other terminal equipment), CDMA digital cellular mobile stations (handsets and other terminal equipment), ISDN terminals (network terminal equipment (NT1, NT1 +), terminal adapters (cards) TA), data terminals Fax / voice cards, POS terminals, interface converters, network hubs, other data terminals), multimedia terminals (videophones, videoconferencing terminals, information on demand terminals, other multimedia terminals)

Twelve, motor vehicles and safety accessories (a total of 4)

(1) Automobiles: M, N and O vehicles traveling on highways and urban roads (II) Motorcycles: Motorcycles with an engine displacement exceeding 50cc or a maximum design speed exceeding 50Km / h (III) Motorcycle zero Components: car seat belt, motorcycle engine

Thirteen, motor vehicle tires (a total of 3)

(A) car tires: car tires (car radial tires, car bias tires), truck tires (mini truck tires, light truck tires, medium / heavy truck tires) (b) motorcycle tires: motorcycle tires (Code that series, metric series, portable series, small wheel diameter series)

Fourteen, safety glass (a total of 3)

Automotive safety glass (Class A laminated glass, Class B laminated glass, regional tempered glass, toughened glass), architectural safety glass (laminated glass, tempered glass), safety glass for railway vehicles (laminated glass, toughened glass, safety insulating glass)

Fifteen, agricultural machinery products (a total of 1 species)

Plant Protection Machinery (Knapsack Sprayer, Knapsack Duster, Knapsack Sprayer)

Sixteen, latex products (a total of 1) rubber condoms

Seventeen, medical equipment products (a total of 7)

Medical X-Ray Diagnostic Equipment, Hemodialysis Devices, Hollow Fiber Dialyzers, Extracorporeal Circulation Tubes for Blood Purification Devices, Electrocardiographs, Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers, Artificial Heart-Lung Machines

State Administration of Quality Supervision, the State Food and Drug Administration, the Joint Commission issued a notice (No. 52, 2013), since April 23, 2013 medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, electrocardiogram equipment, hemodialysis equipment, hollow fiber dialysis Devices, blood purification devices, extracorporeal blood vessels, artificial heart-lung machine, implanted pacemakers, rubber condoms and other 8 kinds of medical device products no longer need to implement mandatory CCC certification management.

Eighteenth, fire products (a total of 3)

Fire alarm equipment (point type smoke fire alarm detector, point type temperature fire alarm detector, fire alarm controller, fire linkage control equipment, manual fire alarm button), fire hose, sprinkler (sprinkler, Wet alarm valve, flow indicator, fire pressure switch)

Nineteen, security technology to prevent products (a total of 1 species)

Intrusion detectors (indoor microwave Doppler detectors, active infrared intrusion detectors, indoor passive infrared detectors, microwave and passive infrared complex intrusion detectors)

The second batch of compulsory certification product catalog

Wireless LAN products

The third batch of compulsory certification product catalog

A solvent-based wood coatings (refers to the interior decoration with nitro paint / alkyd paint / polyurethane paint solvent-based wood coatings)

Second, the ceramic tiles (for building decoration with the average water absorption E <= 0.5% of the ceramic tiles)

Third, concrete antifreeze

The fourth batch of compulsory certification product catalog

First, intrusion detectors

1. Magnetic switch intrusion detector

2. Vibrate intrusion detectors

3. Indoor passive glass broken detector

Second, burglar alarm controller

Third, car burglar alarm system

Fourth, anti-theft safe, anti-theft safe

The fifth batch of compulsory certification product catalog

First, stroller category

Second, electric toys

Third, plastic toys

Fourth, metal toys

Fifth, ejection toys

Six, doll toys

The sixth batch of compulsory certification product catalog

First, the automotive lighting products (headlights, turn signals; car front / rear / brake lights / profile lights, front fog lights, rear fog lights, reversing lights, parking lights, side lights And after the license plate lighting devices; motorcycle license plate lights, location lights);

Second, the motor vehicle to reflect the reflector;

Third, car traffic recorder;

Fourth, the body reflective logo;

Fifth, car brake hose;

Six, motor vehicle rear-view mirror;

Seven, motor speakers

Eight, car fuel tank;

Nine, door locks and door hinges;

Ten, interior materials;

Eleven, seat;

Twelve, headrest.

CCC certification

Let us know in detail the next under the CCC certification business must meet several conditions

The first company has a business license;

The second company's products in the CCC certification compulsory product list;

The third company has its own plant;

The fourth company must have a certain financial strength;

The fifth company has related documents, production environment, warehouse management, and other important documents.