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Lithium battery test

In order to effectively ensure the safety of battery air transport and avoid the occurrence of unsafe incidents, CAAC released the "Air Transport Specification for Lithium Batteries" to air transport companies and clearly required that all airports in the process of receiving and transporting lithium batteries strictly comply with the requirements of lithium battery transportation Must pass the UN38.3 test regulations approved by the Civil Aviation Administration laboratories, no UN38.3 qualified report can not be shipped.

Lithium UN38.3 test (lithium batteries UN38.3 test):

As a source of energy, the battery can obtain a stable current with stable voltage, long time and small influence from the outside world, simple battery structure, easy to carry, easy and convenient charging and discharging operation, stable and reliable performance and various aspects in modern social life Have a great effect.

Battery test

Conduct 8 safety performance tests in accordance with Part 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria for Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods

UL 1642-2005 IEC 61960 GB / T 18287-2000 QB / T 2502-2000 SN / T 1414.3-2004

Detection of battery types

■ Fuel cell  ■ alkaline manganese battery  ■ dry battery     ■ mobile phone lithium battery

■ Button battery  ■ Laptop battery  ■ Lithium-ion battery  ■ Import and export batteries

■ Ni-Cd battery    ■  Ni-MH battery   ■ Lithium-ion battery for cellular phone  ■ Portable lithium secondary battery

Test Items

UN38.3 lithium battery test

1.2m drop test

Battery chemistry test

Battery safety test

Battery discharge performance test

Battery environmental adaptability test

Battery capacity label test


Magnetic test

With the increasingly frequent domestic and international trade, a large number of magnetic products through the airport transport, such as magnetic cores, magnetic rings, magnets, motors, speakers, transformers, etc., and include these magnetic materials of various products. There are cell phones, cordless phones, tape recorders, stereo, headphones, battery-free flashlight, and so on. Due to weak stray magnetic fields interfering with the navigation system and control signals of the aircraft, the maximum magnetic field strength measured at a distance of 2.1m (7ft) from the measured object shall not exceed 0.159A according to the relevant provisions of IATA 902 of the international air transport code / m (200nT), or magnetic detection must be carried out at the time of delivery.


MSDS evaluation service

MSDS, Short for Material Safety Data Sheet, is a detailed Safety Data Sheet for Dangerous Substances consisting mainly of physical and chemical properties of hazardous materials, hazardous characteristics, toxicological parameters, exposure limits, health and environmental hazards, safe transport, storage and use Precautions, emergency measures and emergency measures as well as the relevant laws and regulations and other aspects of the information. Its main role is to enable users to understand the hazards of hazardous substances in the transport, storage, use, disposal process can take the initiative to carry out protection, thereby reducing occupational hazards, prevent the occurrence of hazardous accidents and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The laws of the developed countries such as the United States and Europe have extremely strict requirements on the environment and occupational health. In international trade in chemicals, customers often request MSDS from suppliers before purchasing chemicals. Suppliers comply with the requirements of the law, will promptly provide the MSDS in line with the laws and regulations of the country where the customer is located. In the United States, Canada and European countries, some large and medium-sized enterprises have set up hazardous chemicals management department or occupational health and environmental science management department to specifically review the MSDS provided by chemical suppliers. After examination, qualified persons are eligible to conduct the next commercial contact with the purchasing department. MSDS is like an "ID card" for a chemical product. With it, users, carriers, and producers can effectively prevent chemical hazards and manage registrations. With MSDS you have the market to take the initiative.