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GCC certification

GCC is the acronym for the Gulf Cooperation Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Gulf Cooperation Council was established on May 25, 1981 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Its member countries are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Bahrain and Yemen. The general secretariat is located in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The highest authority is the supreme council, which is made up of the heads of member states. The chairman is chaired by different heads of state for a term of one year. The six countries share similar political and economic systems, have close ties with the royal family, and share common interests in politics, economy, diplomacy and national defense. They are an important political and economic organization in the Middle East.

GCC conformity mark logo said

1) Product companies meet GCC regulations.

2) The labeled products meet GCC regulations.

3) The product not only meets the requirements of safety, public health, consumer protection and other requirements, but also meets the requirements of GSO regulations.

4) The legal person or business is responsible for the product labeled with the GCC Conformity Marking logo and is committed to conforming to all applicable GSO regulatory requirements and passing the conformance assessment procedure.

5) In order to have multiple applicable GCC technical regulations, GCC Conformity Marking states that the product complies with all applicable regulations. These regulations should be reflected in the product label and nameplate.

6) Except for some special economic reasons or administrative exemptions, all controlled products must be affixed with the GCCConformity Marking label before entering the GCC market. Exempted products are only applicable to products that are not harmful to health, safety and related operations. These exempted products must be notified by GSO to all Gulf member states.

7) The pattern of GCC Conformity Marking can not be too large or too small, which is related to technical regulations.

8) If the relevant regulations for the provisions of GCC Conformity Marking logo size, through the requirements of logo height greater than 5mm.

9) The GCC Conformity Marking logo should appear in place based on the nature of the product, such as being affixed or printed on the product label or printed on the product packaging or printed on a closed document as required by regulatory requirements.

10) GCC Conformity Marking requirements are clear, readable and hard to wear.

11) GCC Conformity Marking logo in the finished product production and paste.

12) The GCC Conformity Marking ID must bear the ID number of the notifying agency

13) Other deceptive logos that are similar or similar to the GCC Conformity Marking logo are not allowed.

14) The GCC Conformity Marking logo can be used with other national or international standards

GCC certification application process

G logo certification process:

1. Manufacturer submits G mark certification application, test samples and related technical documents;

2. Document review (application, technical documents, etc.);

3. According to technical regulations assessment of product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, national differences and other requirements, determine the product testing standards and test;

4. Complete the test report and related product evaluations and verify that all test data for safety / EMC test results have been recorded in the laboratory;

5. Certification Department to review the application, test reports, product evaluation and technical documentation and other certification information;

6. Certification Department for the products in line with the requirements of technical regulations issued G logo form;


GCC certification / G logo certification information:

Application form

2. Product customs code;

Product picture

Product label

5. Bilingual language, warnings (English and Arabic);

6. Safety Test Report + Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Report + National Differences Assessment of the country of destination; Valid report (eg CB Report + CB Certificate) issued by a third party (ILAC Lab or GAC Accreditation Body) for three years;

7. Manufacturer's Technical Documentation (A detailed description of the program design and manufacturing drawings, including the list of components and parts of electrical equipment, materials, parts assembly and circuit diagrams, etc .; help to understand the drawings and design drawings and explanation of these electrical equipment, As well as electrical equipment operating instructions, etc.);

8. A description of the scheme adopted by the manufacturer for the products listed in the GCP certificate and the conformity of their models, as well as the documents required by other technical regulations;

9. Manufacturer's address and electrical equipment storage address;

10. Manufacturer / importer DOC Declaration of Conformity;