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FCC certification

FCC is the abbreviation of the Federal Communication Commission. Founded in 1934, the FCC is directly responsible to the National Assembly. It mainly manages and controls radio and communications. It is a government agency that has law enforcement powers. In order to fulfill its responsibilities under the communications law, various treaties and international regulations, the Federal Communications Commission has set technical standards for radio frequency equipment in order to promote more efficient use of spectrum resources.

FCC certification is the United States EMC compulsory certification, mainly for 9KHz-3000GHz electrical and electronic products, covering radio, communications and other aspects, especially wireless communication equipment and systems of radio interference, including radio interference limits and measurement methods, and Certification system and organization and management system.

             Products controlled by the FCC, such as personal computers, CD players, copiers, radios, fax machines, video game consoles, electronic toys, televisions and microwave ovens. These products are classified by application into CLASS A, CLASS B two categories, A class for commercial or industrial use products, B class for domestic use products, FCC Class B products more stringent regulatory requirements, the limit Low and Class A, the main criteria for most electrical and electronic products are FCC Part 15 and FCC Part 18.

FCC authentication method

The FCC has three authentication modes for different products: Verification, Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Certification. Different certification modes require the FCC to be accredited by the testing laboratory and have different requirements for application, testing and certification.

1, Verification: self-verification, manufacturers or importers to ensure that the necessary testing of their products to confirm that the products meet the relevant technical standards and retain the test report, test laboratory FCC LISTEE, all recognized venues are announced in the official Online. The FCC has the right to require manufacturers to submit test data for equipment samples or products. Devices suitable for self-verification include commercial computers, receivers for TVs and FMs, and industrial, scientific and medical equipment used by non-mass consumers of FCC Rule Part 18.

2. Declaration of Conformity (DoC): Declaration of Conformity. The responsible party of the equipment (usually the manufacturer or importer) tests the product in the FCC accredited testing agency to ensure that the equipment complies with the relevant technical standards and reserves the test report , The issuing authority must have NVLAP / A2LA's authorization. The FCC reserves the right to request test data from the responsible party for the sample or product submitted to the equipment. Appliances for use in compliance statements include consumer computers and peripherals, consumer broadcast receivers, super regenerative receivers, other FCC Rule Part 15 receivers, television interface equipment, cable system termination equipment, and general consumer use of Part 18 Industrial, Scientific and Medical Equipment.

3, Certification: that is, ID certification, Certification is FCC based on the application and test data and sign the equipment approval process. The FCC reviews the samples (or photographs) submitted by the applicant and the test data and authorizes the device an FCC ID number if it meets the requirements of the FCC rules. Devices suitable for certification include low-power transmitters such as cordless phones, automatic door remote controls, radio remote control toys and safety alert systems, Part 15 intentional radio frequency energy emitting equipment, Part 18 consumer use of industrial, Research and medical equipment, automatic frequency transponders and super regenerative receivers, television interfacing devices, as well as home computers and peripherals. The responsible party should have the FCC ID on the device.

The specific steps for applying for FCC certification are as follows:

1, the customer fill in the application form;

2, signed a commission testing contract;

3, send the sample test, and prepare the electrical schematic, external / internal photos, oscillator circuit block diagram, user manual nameplate identification, description of the working principle (depending on the product);

4, after passing the test, if it is FCC VOC certification, issued by the certificate and the report, if it is FCC DOC or ID certification, the Division I will submit the application information to the FCC authorized the issuing agencies;

5, the company obtained FCC certification, you can use the FCC mark on the product.