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SASO certification

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia implements a mandatory standard scheme for the import of local and domestic products to safeguard public health, consumer safety, Saudi domestic security, Islamic morality and the Saudi environment and to guard against trade fraud. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) is responsible for ensuring that the products imported into Saudi Arabia comply with the relevant local standards and that the local products of Saudi Arabia are jointly administered and implemented by the Saudi Municipal Councils, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The Ministry of Commerce and Trade of Saudi Arabia implemented the Product Conformity Certification Program (PCP) in 1995, a plan for conformity assessment, testing and certification under which the controlled products arriving at Saudi Customs can be allowed to fast-track and enter Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2004, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Saudi Arabia promulgated Decree No. 6386, amending the original conformity certification scheme to require all consumer goods to be included in the scope of the scheme. These goods must be provided with a valid CoC (see Appendix D) before being allowed to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SASO certified product range

All consumer products exported to Saudi Arabia are listed as regulated products,

A total of five categories involved:

The first category: toys

The second category: electrical and electronic products

The third category: automotive products

The fourth category: chemical products

Fifth category: other products

The following do not belong to the consumer products are: medical equipment; medical products; food; military products.

Products prohibited from exporting to Saudi Arabia include more than 40 varieties of toys and statues representing weapons, alcohol, sedatives, pork, pornography, wine making equipment, fireworks, Christmas trees, nutmeg, masks, video phones, animals and people.

Certification application process and information

1. Customer samples, fill SASO application form, and provide commercial invoice, invoice and packing list;

2. Submit the test report, CNAS certificate, SASO application form, commercial invoice, formal invoice, packing list and product photo to the relevant personnel of COC issuing authority for review;

3. Review through the payment;

4. Arrange the inspection time, ready to inspection, inspection after the customer must provide the final packing list and invoice final confirmation.

5. All of the above are correct after the issuing organization issued a draft certificate to confirm, the draft confirmation certificate customers, 3-5 working days can be closed.