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Food contact materials EU LFGB test

Food contact materials FDA test


LFGB certification profile

In September 2005, the German Food and Commodities Act LFGB replaced the Food and Commodity Act LMBG. It is also called the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Food, Tobacco Cosmetics and Other Commodities" which is the most important basic legal document in the field of food hygiene management in Germany and is the guideline and core for the formulation of other special food hygiene laws and regulations. However, some changes have been made in recent years, mainly in line with European standards. The statute provides general and basic rules on all aspects of German food, and all food in the German market and all food-related daily necessities must comply with the basic rules set forth above. Commodities in contact with food are tested to comply with Articles 30 and 31 of the German Food and Commodities Act and may be certified LFGB test reports issued by authorized agencies as "products that do not contain toxic chemicals" In the German market.

The significance of LFGB certification knife and fork logo knife and fork logo is a food safety mark.

In food contact with daily necessities, if there is a knife and fork logo, it means that the product has passed the test in line with many German and European standards, in line with the German LFGB regulations, that does not contain harmful substances in the human body can be in Germany and other Europe and the United States market sales.

In the European market, the products with the knife and fork logo can enhance customers' confidence and desire to buy them. It is a powerful marketing tool and greatly increases their competitiveness in the market.

Important changes to the new regulations:

In German law, the implementation of the EU Directive No.178 / 2002 (Food safety requirements, food and catering operator's responsibility)

Tobacco will be issued outside the scope of the new LFGB Tobacco Ad Hoc Regulations on the Prohibition of Misleading Statements of Materials and Articles in Contact with Food Broadening the Safety Testing of Materials and Articles in Contact with Food No Major Changes

Test product catalog

LFGB Wide range of food contact materials that may come in contact with foodstuffs such as tableware, food wrappers, baking paper, cooking utensils, etc. whether plastic, rubber, glass, metal, or other materials , Or coating, all belong to food contact materials, the need for European food-grade test.

Test product catalog LFGB food contact materials a wide range of possible food contact materials,For example, cutlery, food packaging, baking paper, cooking utensils, etc., whether plastic, rubber, glass, metal, or other materials, or coatings, are food contact materials and require European food-grade testing.

Common test product range:

 Tableware: (LFGB test report, food contact materials, food contact materials FDA test report)

 (Plastic, glass, ceramic, melamine, rubber, paper, wood): cups, plates, bowls, plates, knives, forks, spoons, scoops, lunch boxes, disposable utensils, tea sets, wine sets, bottles, coffee With such

 Kitchenware: electric kettle, egg cooker, juicer, soya-bean milk maker, spoon, shovel, bottle opener, whisk, cutting board, fruit knife, kitchen knife scissors, planer, shovel, mixer, etc.

 Cooker, cooker: pressure cooker, bread machine, wok, steamer, soup pot, hot pot, electric cooker, other cooking utensils

Cooker and other kitchen appliances: household water purifier, electric kettle electric cup, microwave ovens, toasters, ovens, ovens, drinking fountains, ovens, rice cookers, rice cookers, etc.

 Insulation containers: thermos, mug, insulation pot, thermos, insulation barrel and so on

 LFGB, FDA food-grade test items

Different food contact materials for LFGB testing when there are different test requirements for food contact with different materials LFGB standards have the appropriate testing project requirements,

Common test items are as follows:

General plastic products:Full migration, sensory testing

PVC plastic products: Migration test, vinyl chloride monomer test, peroxide value test, sensory test

Melamine resin products:Migration test, formaldehyde dissolution test, sensory test

PE plastic products:Migration test, peroxide value test, chromium content test, vanadium content test, zirconium content test, sensory test

PS, ABS, SAN, Acrylic plastic products:Total Migration Test, Peroxide Value Test, (VOM) Total Organic Volatiles, Sensory Testing

PA, PU plastic products LFGB TEST:Migration test, peroxide value test, aromatic amine migration test, sensory test

PET plastic products FDA TEST:Overall Migration Test, Zinc Content Test, Lead Content Test, Total Migration Test, Peroxide Value Test;

Silicone rubber products: (LFGB test report, food contact materials, and food contact materials FDA test report) 3 Total Migration Test (VOM) Organic Volatile Intent, Peroxide Value Test, Organotin Compound Test, Sensory Test

rubber products:3 comprehensive migration test, formaldehyde dissolution test, zinc content test, lead content test, aromatic amine migration test, nitrosamine content, sensory test

Paper products:(PCP) Pentachlorophenol, (pbcdhgCrVl) Releases of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium), antimicrobial composition migration test, formaldehyde content test, glyoxal release test, colored paper products - Attached Azo dye test

Metal, Alloy and Plating Products:Heavy metal dissolution (lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel) test, sensory test

With non-stick coating products:(Non-stick pot) 5 comprehensive migration test, phenol dissolution test, formaldehyde dissolution test, aromatic amine dissolution test, (Vl) hexavalent chromium dissolution test, (lll) trivalent chromium dissolution test, PFOA PFOA Test, sensory test

 PP plastic products: (LFGB test report, food contact materials, food contact materials FDA test report) Migration test, chromium content test, vanadium content test, zirconium content test, sensory test

Baking paper products: (LFGB test report, food contact materials, and food contact materials FDA test report) Appearance, Thermal Stability, Antibacterial Component Migration Test (PCBs) PCB Testing, Formaldehyde Elution Testing, Sensory Testing

Wood Wood Products: (LFGB Test Report, Food Contact Materials, Food Contact Materials FDA Test Report) (PCP) pentachlorophenol test, formaldehyde emission test, sensory test,

Ceramics, glass, enamel products: (LFGB test report, food contact materials, and food contact materials FDA test report) and food contact parts of lead and cadmium dissolution test.