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CQC certification presentation

CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification businesses carried out by China Quality Certification Center. The CQC mark indicates that the products comply with relevant quality, safety, performance and electromagnetic compatibility certification requirements. The certification scope covers machinery and electrical equipment , Electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, building materials, more than 500 kinds of products. CQC mark certification focuses on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, harmful substances (RoHS) directly reflect the product quality and consumer safety indicators and personal and property to safeguard the interests of consumers and promote product quality and enhance the domestic enterprises International Competitiveness.

CQC certification mark

When the certification involves only safety, use the "S" certification mark; when the certification involves both safety and electromagnetic compatibility, the use of "S & E" certification mark.

The need for CQC certification (the benefits of applying for CQC certification)

1, the certificate of high gold content, with the synchronization of international certification: CQC product certification of enterprises, their technical requirements and international synchronization of the same product certification, which greatly improved the product certification gold content.

2, the certification and national compulsory product certification synchronization: In the state of the relevant CQC certified products included in the CCC compulsory certification products, under the premise of ensuring product consistency, without the need to re-test and certification, with CQC certificate can be converted directly 3C certificate.

3, establish a brand, improve market competitiveness: access to CQC product certification means that the product security has won the brand guarantee, in the current production enterprises in the case of mixed, is conducive to improving the brand awareness and competitiveness of certified products, access to the market Green pass to improve market share, help enterprises achieve economic and social benefits of unity.

4, to reduce product costs: CQC product certification has been recognized in all sectors of the relevant departments and agencies, and adopt the letter, the enterprise access to logo certification, which can greatly reduce duplication of testing and repeated certification, reducing production and operation costs, but also can reduce the business Need to bear the product risk.

5, to achieve sustainable development of enterprises: CQC product certification to encourage enterprises to improve factory quality assurance capabilities, to break the existing part of the workshop mode of production, the establishment of a modern enterprise system; the same time, enterprises should actively promote trade barriers against international trade, based on national sustainable development strategy , To help enterprises get benign long-term development.

CQC certification process:

Stage 1: Application acceptance;

Stage 2: Data Review;

Stage 3: sample receiving samples received;

Stage 4: Sample Testing;

Stage 5: Factory Review;

Stage 6: Conformity Assessment;

Stage 7: Certificate Approval

Stage 8: Printing, receiving, sending and managing certificates.

CQC certification to submit the technical information

Product specifications; product maintenance manuals; product circuit diagrams (including schematics and printed circuit board layout); the same application unit to send the main product models and coverage of the difference between the product description; product safety and related key components details A list of major components and parts that have an impact on EMC performance; a copy of the certification of key safety components; a CB test certificate and report (if any); a trademark authorization letter (if any) of the product;