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SONCAP certification

The Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) is the Nigerian government agency charged with developing and implementing quality standards for imported and locally made products. In order to ensure that controlled products meet the national technical standards or other international standards that have been approved to protect Nigerian consumers from unsafe or substandard products, Nigerian National Bureau of Standards decided to implement the controlled products exported to the country Pre-shipment compulsory conformity assessment procedures (hereinafter referred to as SONCAP). Years after SONCAP was implemented in Nigeria, the new SONCAP policy, effective as of April 1, 2013, with the latest notification, has changed significantly from the previous SONCAP. Exporters no longer apply for SONCAP each shipment, instead apply for CoC, exporters get CoC for importers, and then by the importer with the effective CoC to the Nigeria Bureau of Standards (SON) for SC certificate, in addition, according to the product The risk category requires on-site sampling tests, inspection and monitoring.

Apply for Nigeria certification to be divided into four main steps:

Step 1: Product testing;

Step 2: Apply for PR / PC product certification;

Step 3: Apply for a COC certificate

Step 4: Nigerian customers use COC to go to local government for SONCAP certificate for customs clearance. .

Product testing and PC certificate application process

1, send sample test

2, provide the test report;

3, submit the PC application form;

4, provide FORMM number;

5, provide product name, customs code, product photos, packaging photos;

6, power of attorney (in English);

7, the system audit system; to have ISO9001 certificate.

Apply for a COC certificate

1, CoC application form;

2, issued a test report and ISO9001 certificate copy or scan;

3, inspection and supervision cabinet, after passing the final invoice, packing list;

4, submitted FROM M single; commercial invoice, packing list; product photos and packaging photos;

5, PC registration certificate If it is other companies, exporters also need to provide the PC holding company's English letter of authorization.

Note: After the goods are produced well, we should apply for CoC from our company immediately. We should inspect and seal the goods according to the requirements and issue a COC certificate after passing the inspection. Do not accept the application after shipment.

COC certificate for SONCAP certificate

The exporter receives the COC and provides it to the importer, who then applies to the Nigerian Bureau of Standards (SCE) for the SC certificate with the effective COC by the importer for customs clearance.

Nigeria CoC certification in three ways

1, Route A, a case of occasional shipments a year (PR);

 The documents to be submitted are as follows:

① COC application form;

② product name, product photos, customs codes;

③ box list;

④ form invoice;

⑤ FORMM number;

⑥ need to test, sample testing (about 40% pumping test), supervision cabinet, after passing the final invoice, packing list;

 Note: PR is valid for six months, without trial factory.

2, Route B, for multiple shipments of products in a year (PC).

   PC get valid for one year, the need for trial factory, the factory after the good production of goods, and then apply for COC; choice of B mode, the name of the  manufacturer must be reflected in the certificate.

3, Route C, for a year of frequent shipments.

    First apply for a license by the factory, the application conditions are as follows:

① There are at least 4 successful applications on the basis of RouteB;

② The factory twice audited and qualified;

③ issued a qualified test report; get the license valid for one year.

④ COC application form;

⑤ box list; form invoice; FORMM number;